We’re thrilled to announce that our KiwiSaver scheme has a new name, Christian KiwiSaver Scheme.

We’re still the only KiwiSaver scheme specially designed for, and provided by, Christians.

We undertook some brand and name testing during 2017 and you might have been one of the members we surveyed. Among the names proposed there was a clear preference for Christian KiwiSaver Scheme to be the Scheme’s new name.

A change of name is not something we took on lightly. We’ve been offering a KiwiSaver scheme successfully under the Koinonia brand since 2007. However, we were finding that ‘Koinonia’ did not quickly and easily say what our Scheme was all about. Some people also have difficulty pronouncing and spelling Koinonia which was making it harder to find us.

‘Ethical at heart’, our new tagline, is a phrase you will see us use a lot.  That’s because our ethical approach goes well beyond having an ethical investment policy. We apply Christian values to the way we conduct our business and interact with you, our members, and others. It’s the way we’ve always done it.

Our new website address is www.christiankiwisaver.nz and we also have a new email address info@christiankiwisaver.nz. Have a look at the new website. We’ve grouped the information differently and added some interesting new content.

You’ll notice a few tweaks to the Member Login pages. Check these out. If you have forgotten your password contact us and we’ll set a new password for you.

Give us a call on (04) 473 9369 if you’d like to talk about your account or pop into our office at Anglican House, 32 Mulgrave St, Thorndon, Wellington, and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff face to face over a cup of tea.

Christian KiwiSaver Scheme is open to Christians of all denominations. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about us.