Fees and costs

Home loan fees
AFC legal fees

It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to cover the AFC legal fees. This fee covers the cost of preparing the documentation, doing due diligence and registering the mortgage.

$575 +GST

Further advance fees

This fee is charged if you apply for and are approved for a further advance on your current AFC mortgage. This fee covers document production.

  • $50  – All mortgages which qualify to receive the concessionary interest rates.
  • $75 – All other mortgages.
Lump sum repayment fee

Interest may be charged if you choose to make a lump sum payment or restructure during your fixed interest rate period.

Your lump sum payment interest is calculated based on current interest rates, how long the loan has left within the fixed term period and whether AFC will suffer a loss.

The interest rate used for the calculation is based on the closest current fixed rate term and remaining time left on your home loan.

Lump sum repayment administration fee

This fee is charged when you make a part or full repayment on a fixed rate home loan.

The fee covers the administrative costs. This fee is in addition to any lump sum repayment interest payable.


Additional costs you should be aware of
House insurance

You’re required to have full replacement insurance on the property AFC holds a mortgage over. Anglican Financial Care should be shown to have a financial interest on the policy.

The payment of the insurance premiums is your responsibility. 

We recommend using a minimum figure of $3,000 per square meter to calculate the minimum replacement insurance amount. This is the current average cost per square meter to rebuild an average house. 

Ex. You intend to purchase a property with 124 square meters of living space. There is an additional 50 square meters of decks and garage space.

Total meterage = 174 square meters  x  $3,000 per sq/m = Suggested minimum replacement cover of $522,000.

You should review your replacement coverage regularly.


You’re required to keep your rates payments up to date, associated with any property which is mortgaged to Anglican Financial Care. Your local authority can provide details of the rates payable.


You are required to keep all buildings and other improvements on the land covered by a loan held by Anglican Financial Care, in good repair and condition.


Registered Valuer's report

If you’re required to obtain a registered valuers report in order to support the requested lending, the report is required to be completed by a registered valuer and is to comply in all respects with the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions.

The report shall be addressed to Anglican Financial Care. 

The costs of such a report are the responsibility of the borrower. Registered valuers can provide details of the costs involved.


Effective 1 July 2019. Lending fees are subject to change without notice.