Pension Fund and SSF Webinar 2023 Q&A


Date of training: 1 May 2023


Will there be a plain English version of this information we can share with clergy?

Yes, we will be looking at making a smaller guide that can be given to prospective members letting them know about what the benefits are and their obligations.


Can students join the scheme while in training – knowing that they are going into Ministry as Clergy?

No, they may not. The Pension Fund is only open to stipended ordained clergy.


Could you please clarify what a back pension is and how it comes about as I see a few of our clergy have these payments.

Back service is the member purchasing extra service in the Fund in addition to what they pay each month/fortnight through their regular contributions.
The member contacts AFC and asks for a quote which we supply based on what the member has asked for (either amount of years of total service, or based on a specific figure the member can afford). The quote is based on their age at the time of request, with payments spread over the months/years until age 65 or 60.


If a clergyperson leaves the organisation part way through the month does their pension contribution get pro rata’ed or only a whole month can be deducted?

We leave this to each organisation to decide. If the employer wants to pay for a partial month (half month), AFC will allocate these funds and ensure member is given the correct service, however, if it is easier for the employer to only deduct a full month of service, we will ensure their service stops at the end of the month paid for (which might not be the month the member finishes).


Do you have to remain employed to receive income protection payments post 90 days?

No, once the member is on benefit, they are able to resign their position. The key is they must be employed while their claim is assessed.


Just out of interest, how many are left in the Retire Fund?

There are 222 members in the Retire Fund, some still contributing, some retired. The Fund size is $19.8m.