Standard rates are available to Anglican clergy, clergy widow/ers, employees of Church organisations, members of Christian KiwiSaver Scheme, The Retire Fund and the Baptist Union Superannuation Scheme.

    These rates were set on 22/05/24 and are subject to change without notice.

 Standard Rates
Floating Rate 8.45%
Fixed for 1 Year 7.00%
Fixed for 2 Years 6.65%
Fixed for 3 Years 6.45%
Fixed for 5 Years 6.35%


Concessionary rates are only available to retired Anglican clergy or clergy widow/ers who live in the property which has an Anglican Financial Care mortgage.

 Concessionary Rates
Floating Rate 7.55%
Fixed for 1 Year 6.25%
Fixed for 2 Years 5.95%
Fixed for 3 Years 5.80%
Fixed for 5 Years 5.70%


 Parishioner rates are the rates set for all other Anglican Financial Care mortgages where the client(s) do not qualify for the rates above.

 Parishioner Rates
Floating Rate 8.65%
Fixed for 1 Year 7.70%
Fixed for 2 Years 7.35%
Fixed for 3 Years 7.15%
Fixed for 5 Years 7.10%

If you are unsure which rate you qualify to receive, please contact us.